The Crew of Fingal

During the season we are lucky to have the company of many fine, interesting people. At the end of each week’s adventure  parting is usually hard, but it is time to move on. We have recently received this lovely poem from one of our guests, after her time aboard Fingal, which she is happy to share.



The Crew of Fingal

On the Great Northern Glen; it was Scotland you ken,

Sailed a girl and four men who were skilful

On a vessel quite grand, aye the best in the land,

They would guide her, though oft’ she was wilful.


With Pete at the head and ably led,

Each crew member trained and devoted,

Their skills they applied, each with ease and with pride,

Down the Great Glen we blissfully floated.


The led and the leader, the walker, the feeder,

The bo’sun; all with skills we admired,

That allowed us a week on the glen that we seek

As our dreams and our visions they fired.


When homeward we go, through our minds will say “NO”

Our hearts will remember and tingle,

At the castles, the mists, this crew and joys kissed,

As we floated Great Glen on ‘The Fingal’


Megan Waites – 2016
New South Wales – Australia

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