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We have had a fantastic spell of weather in the area resulting in some great pics!

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  1. Posted on 27th August 14:05pm by Joy P
    We went on a mini cruise in Sept 2018 and it was the best 4 days of our Scottish holiday!
    The crew were so competent, relaxed and friendly that the whole trip was a delight. The barge was cosy and comfortable (the weather was fairly cold!) and the food hearty and delicious. We had such fun at meal times when all guests and crew members sat together at a large table, sharing food and experiences. The crew gave us a delightful Scottish evening at the end of the cruise and I will never forget the passionate rendition of 'Addressing the Haggis', which would have graced the professional stage. The scenery was outstanding, but, without a doubt, the energy, friendliness and relaxed professionalism of the 4 crew members made this a cruise to remember. I would recommend the company wholeheartedly.