The film “The Dark Mile” and TV

In 2016 Caledonian Discovery’s barge “Fingal of Caledonia”, was used in the making of the film the “Dark Mile”. Starring Rebecca Calder, Deirdre Mullins, Paul Brannigan, Finlay MacMillan and Sheila Hancock, the film will premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival on the 26th of June 2017. It is a tense psychological horror-thriller, with the Caledonian […]

A new cruise – just for you.

Caledonian Discovery continues to make waves!  We have a new Cruise. “Discover the Great Glen” This cruise offers a wonderful opportunity to discover the “Hidden Gem” that is the Great Glen. The focus of this cruise is for you to be at peace with the world and enjoy the magnificent scenery drift by while you relax on […]

Our 2018 schedule is now available

Please feel free to access our 2018 schedule which is ready for all bookings.  We hope you enjoy the range of cruises we have created. Whether you like to bike, canoe, sail or walk, the cruises have plenty to offer and if, on the other hand, you like a mix of activities, the Classic cruise is ideal […]

What has happened in 2016?

WELCOME TO THE “CALEDONIAN” The newsletter for Caledonian Discovery. Once again thanks to the good company and enthusiasm of all our guests, we have had another very enjoyable season. Apart from the unusually strong winds in the early part of the year and the occasional day, or two, of overcast weather, the Caledonian Canal and […]

A few days of freedom with colour

This is an ideal cruise to escape from it all, when time is limited. Leaving Fort William on the 24th of September and arriving in Inverness 4 days later, you can marvel at the colours and beauty of the Great Glen. Heather, a vibrant purple, trees starting to loosing there verdant hue and the sky, […]

The Crew of Fingal

During the season we are lucky to have the company of many fine, interesting people. At the end of each week’s adventure  parting is usually hard, but it is time to move on. We have recently received this lovely poem from one of our guests, after her time aboard Fingal, which she is happy to share.   […]

We have just released 2017 cruise schedule

We have now completed our schedule for 2017 and it is open for booking.  We have tried to offer a broad mix of cruises throughout the year and we believe we have something for everyone.  Whether you like to bike, canoe, sail or walk the cruises have plenty to offer and if, on the other […]

An Ode to Ros Crana

Recent guest Diana Bellinger decided to write her customer testimonial in poetry! We love it thank you and we hope you do too! Ode to Ros Crana   Ros Crana, Ros Crana, you are the best Head and shoulders above the rest. The crew are superb, the top of their game, Coping with floods, blizzards and […]

The Great Glen Journey

In 2016 we introduced  a new cruise type called Great Glen Journey.  The idea of this cruise is that we will journey from coast to coast under your own steam by a variety of activities.  Each day our friendly instructor will guide a section either walking, biking or canoeing.  As with all our journeying cruises […]

Walking the Great Glen Way

Walking the Great Glen Way, the easy way! Come and experience the Great Glen Way from the comfort of a fabulous canal barge, keeping your accommodation with you every step of the way.

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