An Ode to Ros Crana

Recent guest Diana Bellinger decided to write her customer testimonial in poetry! We love it thank you and we hope you do too!Ros Crana and ben nevis

Ode to Ros Crana


Ros Crana, Ros Crana, you are the best

Head and shoulders above the rest.

The crew are superb, the top of their game,

Coping with floods, blizzards and rain.


Let’s start with Tree – Queen of the Galley

When tired and hungry, her cakes make us rally.

She looked after us with cooking sublime

But, alas, I fear an increased waistline.


Andrew, whilst going out for a drink

Slipping on the gang way – it was an ice rink

Although he landed up in A&E,

He was on duty next morning, bright as could be.


Chris has led us up hill and dale

Encouraging us – no one will fail.

But I know the secret of his success,

An endless supply of chocolate eggs.


Lucy’s duties are many, an excellent bo’sun.

Believe me, behind the wheel, she can go some.

She’s never happier than when covered in grease

The extent of her talents just never cease.


Martin, the skipper and overall boss

Has moved mountains to make this trip poss.

Through flooding and breaching and other clitches,

Cross winds, foul weather, a First Mate with stitches.


We came here an adventure to seek

We’ve done it and had a fabulous week.


However, I think it fair to mention

We nearly ruined Martin’s reputation.

Down in Drum we had a go

At blackening the name of Martin & Co.


“Have you got any tat” Roger asked in a shop

“We don’t go in for things like that!”

“I’ll take this anyway”

“Oh and by the way, I cannot pay!”


To the crew we say Hip Hip Hurray

We’ve had a great time, On the Great Glen Way.



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