Customer Comments


We are always very appreicative of the feedback we receive from our guests. So pleased in fact, that we wanted to share them with our viewers. If you have any feedback that you want to share with us then feel free to email us on [email protected] or post on our Facebook page where you can also read other guest reviews.


“The best organised walking holiday we have been on. All the little details thought through. Excellent”

– Geoff and Janet Hanlon 2019

“Fantastic holiday walking the Great Glen. Walk in the day and back to the floating hotel in the evening….. Food was just what we needed, plenty and delicious. Amazing hot showers, better than most hotels. Comfy bed, compact and bijoux room.

Carolyn Bishop (Google review) 2019

“I wanted to walk The Great Glen and having looked at all the options I chose this. How pleased I was that I made that decision. The whole experience exceeded my expectations, no doubt enhanced by wonderful weather and lovely companions but even so, it is the only way to walk the glen, and yes I did it all, coast to coast. A lovely crew, comfortable accommodation and great food made this an exceptional holiday.

Davey Good (TripAdvisor review) 2019

“In the middle of May 2018 we had the company of the Colorado Mountain Club’s Adventure Travel.   They loved the experience and have kindly allowed us to share their blog  Walking Scotland – An Outlander experience of the week aboard Fingal.”

Chris Englert 2018

“So friendly and well organised you have thought of everything. The mix of wildlife & social history works so well and the crew is knowledgeable”
Richard King 2018

“An outstanding holiday which far exceeded our expectations. The food was amazing and crew could not have been more helpful on information. Many thanks.”
Sue Duxbury / Alan Gill 2018

“I had a fabulous time on the trip – the only way to walk the great glen.”
– Jill McEwan 2017

“Best last-minute, spontaneous holiday I’ve ever booked!”
Jennifer Rainman 2017

“Crew were patient and helpful with beginners, which made the activity more enjoyable.”
Eddie and Kim Ruddock 2017

“Activities – A good variety and I felt safe in the water even though I cannot swim”
Dawn Badnell 2017

“Much better than I expected. The choice of activities was outstanding and the crew was top notch every day, all day.
David Yalte October 2016

“We did not know what the cruise would be like – the experience far exceeded expectations-  the crew were superb as the range of activities were really appealing. Food brilliant and accommodation very good. Thank you”

– Jan and John Green July 2016

“Many thanks again to the crew and everyone at Caledonian Discovery for helping us have a great holiday. Here are some pictures.

(This is a wonderful and comprehensive pictorial description of a cruise with us. Our thanks to the “Denton pride” for allowing us to share them – Caledonian Discovery team)

– Mike Williams – Aka Denton July 2016

“Have never previously, experienced a holiday where the crew/leaders have been as friendly, personable and adaptable. All were totally professional throughout.”

– Jeff Walk late May 2015

“From beginning to end this week has been marvelous, a seamless transition from apprehensive holidaymakers to fit happy – sad to leave, outward bounders.”

Stuart and Julia Miles August 2015

“Nothing like it in all my travels, throughout the world. The feeling of “home” on the water with friends (immediately) was quite outstanding. Your attention to detail, to customer importance to interpersonal skills was appreciated and admired.”

Barb Downie Sept 2015

“So glad I followed up on an idea that the trip was possible. Much more than I expected.”

-Norma Millington Oct 2015

“We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most wonderful and unique experience aboard your ship Fingal.  The level of service was truly faultless”

-Paul and Elles Howes May 2014

Our enjoyment of the holiday was much increased by the pleasant friendliness of the crew”

-Margaret and Judy June 2014

“What can we say a perfect holiday, the crew are just the best!”

-Wilma Logan September 201

“Continue as you are – travel stories go far and this is a great one”

– Gloria MacKillop May 2013

“Excellent isn’t strong enough to describe the professional and friendly crew who did so much to make sure we were comfortable and getting the most out of this amazing experience”

– Siriol Jones May 2013

“Love Fingal – it’s alive, warm and welcoming.  The crew of 5 were all excellent and very helpful and competent.  Food very good”

-David and Beth Bratt July 2013

“The cruise was just great, the crew were fantastic – best holiday ever”

-Barbara and David Macklin June 2013

“Very enjoyable, loved the informal atmosphere with everyone being part of it”

-Sheila Thompson August 2013

“Everything was wonderful thank you, we really liked the boat and the crew were lovely.  The family feel aboard is perfect”

-Graeme Palmer August 2013

“Everything was perfection”

– Karen Crilly October 2013

“Excellent holiday! Good food and good company both staff and fellow guests”

-Mary Kelly October 2013

“The formula is great.  The holiday exceeded all our expectations – don’t change it!”

– Sandy Taylor and Brett Kelly Sept 2012

“One of my best ever holidays – can’t think of anything that would have made it better”

– Cherie Duffy Sept 2012

“Staff were extremely competent and friendly – could not have asked for a better crew”

– Hannah Boylan Sept 2012

“All the crew are to be commended for their total enthusiasm and their willingness to go the extra mile whatever the situation”

– Dick and Gail Bradford May 2012

“Fantastic, challenging and relaxing! Thank you very much”

– Cath Matthew June 2012

“You put on a fantastic experience.  It was a lot of fun and I will remember it for a long time”

– Steven Chase July 2012