A few days of freedom with colour

Fort William SSP 05

This is an ideal cruise to escape from it all, when time is limited. Leaving Fort William on the 24th of September and arriving in Inverness 4 days later, you can marvel at the colours and beauty of the Great Glen. Heather, a vibrant purple, trees starting to loosing there verdant hue and the sky, a variety of blue tones.

This ‘Bike and Barge’ mini cruise takes you right through the Great Glen from coast to coast, following part of the National Cycle Route. You can mix and match biking and cruising or you can Cycle the Great Glen the whole way. With 2 full days of 23 & 27 miles biking (37 – 44 km)  and 2 part days this makes this trip an excellent way to cover the full 65 miles by bike. Your barge accommodation moves with you through the Glen each day.

Join us and discover the beauty of the Great Glen and the Highlands. Book now for a special deal

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